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Antique Chinese Figure Carvings
Qian Long Emperor Empress
Seated on Nine Dragon Throne
Dated: Quan Long. Attributed to early 20th century
h.8.75 in.(22cm.), w.4.5 in.(11.5cm.), d.3.25 in.(8.5cm.)
Condition: Excellent. Each weight: 3 LBS

A single solid tusk section with elaborate carving overall. A seated Emperor is bedecked with ornate imperial motifs, wearing a royal hat with a dragon on either side of a flaming wish-fulfilling gem and holding in his right hand the joo-I, or sceptre of office. His face is finely carved and polished, with deep set eyes and delicately engraved eyebrows, the lips curved in a slight smile in the likeness of the Quan Long.

The Emperor is seated on a nine dragons throne, which is supported by five dragon claws on balls, each claw having five toes, an icon reserved for royalty. Within the complicated arabesques on the throne-back are found three rampant dragons with twisting scaly tails. Beneath the emperor’s feet a second fiery wish-fulfilling gem is flanked by dragons. Profuse ornamentation is relieved only by the cream colored ivory-grained garment borders. This work is a last look back at royalty with its extravagant regalia; slightly before this piece was made, Imperial China and all its grandeur had come to an end.

The seated Empress is ornately adorned with motifs of her imperial station--phoenixes aloft with streaming tailfeathers. Beneath the royal hat with its phoenixes on either side of a flowering lotus, the Empress’ face shows deep set eyes, delicate eyebrows, an aquiline nose and a tranquil smile. In her right hand she holds up an imperial seal. Her throne rests on a support of dragon claws on balls, each claw having five toes, an icon reserved for royalty. Beneath the Empress’ feet are two flying dragons on either side of a flaming wish-fulfilling gem. The profusion of ornamentation is relieved only by the smooth garment borders at the shoulder and cuffs where the ivory grain is distinct. This work is one in a pair of sumptuous imperial style carving; both statues are being offered at a substantially discounted value.

Qianlong Emperor CarvingQianlong Empress Figure Carving
Dragon ThronePheonix Throne
Qianlong Emperor CarvingQianlong Empress Figure Carving
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