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Amitayus Buddha of Infinite Life Vintage Chinese Gilt Bronze Buddha


Buddha of Infinite Life

Circa: early 20th century
H 9.25 in.(23.5cm), W 6 in.(15cm), D 4 in.(10cm)
Condition: very good!
Amitayus is one of the five Dhyani Buddhas, along with White Tara and Ushnishavijaya they are the trinity Buddhas of Infinite Life. Amitayus is the supreme energy of nature in a timeless reality. This bronze Amitayus Buddha is seated on a high lotus throne; he is finely cast and finished with hand chasing details for the hair and foliate patterns, his face is serenely alert, and eyes are gazing downward in meditation. With hands folded in dhyana mudra, he holds a vase of immortal nectar, the essential message of the Buddha of infinite life is to be affixed in concentration. He invites us to withdraw our external senses and perceptions inward into a higher state of consciousness. By meditating on Amitayus, the disease of delusion transformed into the wisdom of discernment.

Amitayus Buddha
Private Collection

Amitayus Buddha
Amitayus Buddha  Seal
Buddha of Infinite Life Amitayus

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