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Hindu Bronze Statue
Boga Shakti, Consort of Shiva

Origin: South India. Circa: early 1900S'
H 11 in.(28cm.), W 8 in.(20cm.), D 6 in.(15cm.)
Condition: Lost wax cast, excellent!


This early 1900ís South Indian bronze statue beguiles and entices as the goddess Parvati. There is a sensuous here a life-like youthfulness that translates itself into formed bronzed, intricately and beautifully rendered. Her waist is slender and her breasts full. The height and a breadth of her celestial status is indicated in her magnificent royal headpiece that pushes forth towards the zenith. Her posture and stance is open almost vulnerable but imbued in this openness is the vital power of a great yogini whose has partaken in both the deepest meditations and the most ecstatic forms of the deep tantras. This exceptional bronze is in excellent condition. One breath brings her to life. (SD)

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It is said the Parvati came into being to lure Lord Shiva into marriage and the wider circle of life outside of this creator-destroyer god asceticism. (In Hindu mythology it is Shiva who is said to ignite the dissolution the pralaya between cycles. Parvati (which means mountain dweller) is a stunningly beautiful woman with a great deep love for her children and a passion and deep devotion for the ascetic Lord Shiva. But Shiva is not be won simply by beauty or the stirrings of passion. So Parvati performs deep austerities. So strong are her meditations, indeed of such intensity are the inner heat of her tapas, that the gods beg Shiva to take notice and as he does as she turns from black to pure shining gold. The couple is subsequently married with great fanfare, with the gods in attendance, after which they retire to Mount Kailash where for many cycles they engage in a great, passionate cosmic lovemaking that shakes the very center of the Universe. When the children are finally born, they are born blessed with the love of the Divine Mother in the form of the sumptuous Parvati.

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