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Antique Bronze Buddha Statue


Om Mani Padme Hum

Origin: Tibet. Circa: early 19th Century
H 8.9 in.(22.5cm), W 6.7 in.(17cm), D 4.5 in.(11.5cm)
Condition: very good
This antique bronze statue is a classic rendition of the Tibetan tantric Buddha Vajrasattva. Vajrasattva is the buddha of purification. He is also the esoteric form of Samantabhdra the quintessence of all the Buddhas. Here Vajrasattva holds the vajra and the bell, symbols of the unification of the male and female elements in Tantric union. The detail on this bronze is exemplary, the proportions deeply harmonious. This Buddha’s countenance communicates youth and a translucent calm. The warm patina is well polished indeed nearly glowing. To understand this statue is to gaze upon it from various angles and admire the unexpected details. Etched at the base of the lotus is the mantra om, mani padme hum. This is an exceptional Tibetan bronze both in its artistry and the lucid depiction of this quintessential Buddha. (SD)

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