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Maitreya Buddha Antique Nepalese Bronze Buddha

Maitreya Buddha

Royal Ease w/ Dharmacharka

Circa: 17th-18th century
H 7.5 in.(19cm.), W 6 in.(15cm.), D 5.5 in.(14cm.)
Condition: excellent!
This Maitreya (Sanskrit for Merciful One) emanates a compassionate presence whose qualities are brilliantly evoked in this impeccably finished bronze with its soft _expression, its grace and gentle smile.
The future Buddha is in seated posture performing the mudra of turning the wheel of the Dharma. Although this mudra identifies Maitreya, the pendant leg is unusual, a posture that ordinarily belongs to Tara. The extended foot rests on a lotus and extends over the edge of the base. The darkened bronze is luxuriantly ornamented with laid-on carving for the long braids, jeweled armbands, earrings, necklaces and crown. The hair which is caught up in a bun parts and flows over the shoulders in curling tendrils. The face is admirably realized expressing compassion and omniscience. The complex arrangement of the figure is accomplished with great poise; the positioning of the hands with their back-turning fingertips and the incredible delicacy of gesture endow this Maitreya with a kinetic quality, for he seems to be moving when seen from changing angles. The hands are so sensitively modeled that one can almost see the Dharma wheel spinning between them. The artistry of the work is exceptional, with great care taken in every detail; patterns of floral motifs circle the entire base and finely detailed flowers adorn the dhoti. Even the back of the figure is perfectly finished, leaving no doubt that this is a work of unsurpassed skill and integrity. -- RW

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