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Akshobhya Buddha Antique Nepalese Sand Cast Bronze Statue


Earth Witness Mudra

Origin: Nepal. Circa: 19th Century and earlier
H 10.5 in.(26cm), W 7.5 in.(19cm), D 5 in.(12.5cm)
Condition: Aged, overall good condition!
Akshobhya means Immovable, he is one of the five Transcendent Wisdom Buddhas in esoteric Buddhism. This sand-cast bronze Buddha statue of Akshobhya is a rare find. Beautifully sculpted and hand traced details, with centuries-old patina over a pore-like skin texture, incorporated with elements of both Tibetan and Katmandu Buddhist art traditions, hair arranged in rows of tiny curls on a high domed usnisa, downcast lidded almond-shaped eyes framed with incised eyebrows, his face shown in serene contemplative expression with a slight smile, he sits upright in dhyanasana on a lotus throne, with beautifully modeled fingers, his left hand is in dhyana mudra (Meditation Seal), right hand in bhumisparsa (Earth Witness), and wearing a traditional sanghati. The superb casting and fine details of this aged bronze Akshobhya Buddha represents the moment of calling the earth for witness, the transmutation of delusion into mirror wisdom of reality.

Private Collection

Nepalese Akshobhya Buddha
Nepalese Akshobhya Buddha
. Sand cast Buddha Base
Nepalese Sand Cast Buddha
. Sand cast Buddha Closeup

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