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Acala Buddha Antique Gilded Bronze Buddha Statue

Medicine Buddha


Origin: Nepal, Circa: early 1900s'
H 10.5 in (27cm), W 7.75 in (20cm), D 5 in (12.5cm)
Condition: excellent!
Upright and austere, with a flame-shaped urna in relief, this copper and gold gilded bronze Medicine Buddha exhibits superb artistry that brings to life an intrinsic healing alchemy. Meditation upon him dissolves the poisons of ignorance, greed and anger hidden in the body and spirit. Here he is sitting in perfect equipoise; the exquisite bronze bears a rich copper patina, with golden highlights in the ringlets, and fire gilded figure in gold. His dress is a simple monk robe, the curves and folds of fabric represented with a geometric solidity that adds to the sense of an unshakable presence. Thus the Medicine Buddha beckons us to return to our original stainless mind and to leave behind the sufferings of samsara.

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Gilt Medicine Buddha
Gilt Bronze Medicine Buddha
Gilt Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha Bronze Statue
Medicine Buddha

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