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Gilt Bronze Dalai Lama Rinpoche Antique Tibetan Gilt Bronze

7th Dalai Lama 喇嘛像

Rinpoche Dharma Teaching Mudra

Circa: Qing Dynasty, 18th century
H 10 in. (25cm), W 7 in. (18cm), D 5 in. (12.5cm)
Condition: Minor abrasions, Weight: 8 lbs 9 oz.
A radian gilt bronze Lama Rinpoche seated in a padmasana (lotus posture), elevated on a double cushion spray with incised diamond patterns, his right hand raised in Vitarka mudra. And left hand rested on his lap, transmitting dharma in the teaching gesture of the Buddha Gautama. The statue is attributed to be a representation of the Seventh Dalai Lama, Kalzang Gyatso (1708-1757). The handsome figure is seen here with crisp, realistic facial features. He has large sharp eyes with raised eyebrows, dressed in voluminous patched monk robes with folded cloth cascading in numerous pleats. Finely modeled attire with rhythmic symmetry, its elegant Ming-style simplicity conveys an intriguing quality in this large Sino Tibetan bronze. The statue is consecrated and sealed with a Visvavajra engraved on the copper plate. A lively and joyous spiritual essence radiates through the exquisite artistry of the figure. Minor abrasions, otherwise in excellent preservation.

Lama Rinpoche Statue
Estimated Value $3000
text/call: 510-556-3555

Dalai Lama Rinpoche Statue lt
Dalai Lama Rinpoche Statue Rt
Dalai Lama Rinpoche Statue Back View
Dalai Lama Rinpoche Statue Front view
Dalai Lama Rinpoche Viswa Vajra Plate
Dalai Lama Rinpoche Base View
Lama Rinpoche close up
Dalai Lama Rinpoche close up

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