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Antique Chinese Bronze
Medicine Buddha
With Lotus Medicine Bowl

Early 20th century
H 19" (48cm.), W 7" (18cm.), D 5" (15cm.)
Condition : Excellent

Standing in samapada on a circular plinth endorsed with double lotus, half opened lotus stems and leaves above interwoven patterns of wave forms. The Buddha is wearing a Tibetan style monk robes, with left shoulder bare, a swastika is embossed on his chest, his left hand is holding a medicine bowl in the form of a lotus, his right is pendent in the gesture of charity (Varada Mudra), his face with a serene expression, incised half moon shaped arch eyebrows, finely casted snail-curl hair, delicately modeled fingers. The statue has a rich deep bronze patina, it is meticulously rendered with no defects of any kind.



Sold To Private Collection

Buddhist Symbol: Swastika

The swastika symbol is of great antiquity and common to many countries. It was the monogram of Hindu Gods Vishnu and Shiva in India, the battle-axe of Thor in Scandinavian inscriptions, and a ancient symbol with the Peruvians. The term Swastika is derived from the Sanskrit su "well" and as "to be," meaning "so be it," and denoting resignation of spirit. It is the sign for "ten thousand" in Chinese character, a Mystic Knot and a variation of the Diamond Patterns in Buddhism. It is said to have come from the beginning of time. It is described as "the accumulation of lucky signs possessing ten thousand effigies." As a Buddhist symbol, swastika is regarded as the seal of Buddha's heart, and is usually placed on the heart of Shakyamuni Buddha, as it is believed to contain within it the Buddha consciousness. It is also said to be the first of the 65 auspicious signs on the footprint of Buddha.


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