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Shakyamuni Earth Witness Buddha Antique Sino Tibetan Gilded Bronze


Holding Medicine Bowl

Origin: Tibet, Circa: late 19th Century
H 14 in.(36cm) W 10 in.(25cm) D. 9 in.(23cm)
Condition: minor imperfection, o.a. very good!

Private Collection

A gleaming gilded bronze Shakyamuni Buddha at the moment of enlightenment, with eyes down cast meditating in a serene smile, a curled hair adorns the forehead between the eyebrows at the ajna chakra, and the pierced long earlobes indicated his royal heritage. The Buddha is seated on a double lotus throne in in the vajrasana posture, his right arm is extended across the knee in the Earth Witness gesture, and the left hand holding a medicine bowl. The voluminous bronze figure is well cast in two sections, and hand chased with details of a meander embroidery on the robes, meticulously polished surface with dark recessions and aged patina. Its overall conception is subtly realized in an unshakeable equipoise.
Shakyamuni  Buddha
Buddha Shakyamuni
Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

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