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Kuan Yin Ming Buddha Chinese Ming Bronze Buddha Statuette


In Royal Ease with Scroll

Circa: Ming style, 20th century or earlier
H 4.25 in.(10.8cm), W 3.5 in.(9cm), D 1.75 in.(4.5cm)
Condition: Excellent!
This exquisite Ming style Kuan Yin Bronze is a graceful rendition of an aspect of a more rare depiction of this beloved Boddhisattva. Kuan Yin the feminine form of Avolokiteshvara, the goddess of universal compassion, is here depicted with a single scroll of prayers ---mantra and words of wisdom that when opened and heard rejuvenate those who seek her guidance and support. This bronze statue communicates presence and beauty. The casting has captured delicate folds in the fabric, a graceful arch in the limbs that conveys a lifelike quality of human lusciousness. Her face is gracefully gazing to the side, yet in the tilt complete compassion is communicated. Her headdress and coiffure are royal in their height, and yet in this is a simple elegance which well defined Chinese Buddhist art-- in particular of the Ming Period. (SD)

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Ming Bronze Kuanyin rt
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Ming Bronze Kuanyin

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