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Dipankara Adi Buddha Antique Silver and Gold Gilded Bronze


Ran Deng Adi Buddha

Origin: Tibet, Circa: early 18th Century
H 9.75 in.(25cm), W 2.75 in.(7cm), D 2.5 in.(6.5cm
Condition: Jeweled sold bronze cast, very good condition!
An impressive antique figure of Dipankara, the original Buddha of the immense past. He is considered as the Buddha of Charity, the Protector of Merchant, and a form of the Adi Buddha most cherished in Nepal since the 17th century. Here in this meticulously hand-chased sacred three metals statue, of copper, gold and silver repoussé over solid bronze, Dipankara Buddha stands in tribhanga pose on a lotus base, he is a wrapped in a multi-folds accordion style flared robe, burnished with silver medallions and ribbons in gold, wearing a dhoti hand carved with floral and bird motifs, adorned with large earrings, necklaces, armbands, bracelets and anklets; his finely modelled face rendered with downcast eyes, surmounted by a seven-pointed crown inset with corals, turquoise, and a red ruby, backed by an aureole that stand out from the Buddha’s shoulders; with right hand raised in the protection gesture (abhaya mudra), and his left is in the charity gesture (varada mudra). The copper plate on the base with a hand chased viswa vajra mark appears to be resealed. Possibly originated from Newar, Nepal. This rare Dipankara Buddha statue is timeworn with abrasion but is in very good condition.

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Dipankara Buddha rt
Dipankara Buddha  lt
Dipankara Base Plate
Dipankara Buddha
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Dipankara Adi Buddha
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