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Shiva on Lion Statue

Antique Nepalese Bronze Statue

Shiva Bhutnath

The Lord of the Beasts

Circa: 19th Century or Earlier
H 8.75 in. (20.5cm), W 6.5 in. (16.5cm), D 4.5 in. (11.5cm)
Condition: minor imperfection, overall very good!
An antique Nepalese bronze depicting Shiva is seated in lalitasana on a roaring lion. He is nearly naked, wearing only a small dhoti, armbands, and necklace with foliate ornaments, with a full bloom lotus flower clinging by his shoulder, head dressed in a chieftain helmet of pre-Buddhist Nepal and or Tibet.  With the trident by his right, the Great God (Mahadeva) is leaning slightly back to his left majestically, with his right hand resting on his knee displaying the varada mudra. The mythical lion has bulging eyes framed by shaggy eyebrows, floppy ears and a mane of gracefully twirling locks, with a dragon-like jaw and a single short horn, and a double chains bell collar wrapped around his powerful neck.

The iconographical attribute of Shiva on Lion is known as Shiva Bhutnath, the Lord of the Beasts. Together they are situated on a half oval-shaped lotus pedestal, which is consecrated and sealed with a vishvavajra copper plate. The bronze is sumptuously cast, and detailed with exceptional artistry that conveyed deep reverence and divine grace. The statue is in very good condition with only a few age-related minor imperfections.

Estimated Value $1300
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Shiva Bhutnath
Shiva Bhutnath
Viswavajra Seal
Consecrated Offerings
Shiva on Lion back view
Shiva Lord of Beasts

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