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Bronze Fu Dog Lion Family Antique Chinese Bronze Censer

Roughhousing 獅子家玩打

Lion Family Play-fighting 富狗香爐

Circa: Late Qing period, 19th Century

H 8 in. (20cm.), W 14 in. (35cm.), D 9 in. (23cm.)
Net weight: 14 lbs. good and solid condition!
A sweet sentiment told in a whimsical style. In this splendid mythical guardian lion family of four, two large lions are fooling around in a mock fight. While the larger lion is rolling on its back howling, two small pups on the side are helping to hold him down. The composition is highly animated, with resplendent lion tails curling and waving in the air. The wriggling limbs and opened jaws of the acquiescent underdog are obsequious in good nature. Since love for the family belongs to all creatures, the play-fighting portrayed here is an essential process for strengthening the family bond. It teaches the young how to play by the rules, and passing on the hunting skills necessary for survival. The bronze surface with original copper plating on its smooth and lush terrains has darkened to a rich deep burgundy red and dark brown, in vivid contrast with the finely engraved parallel lines on the lions’ fur and tails. Equally strong in its mass and its parts, the bronze is a compelling work of art that comes with a gorgeous rosewood pedestal.

Shisa Lion Censer
Private Collection

Shisa Lion Censer lt.
Shisa Lion Censer rt.
Shisa Lion Incense Burner
Shisa Lion Incense Burner
Shisa Lion Incense Burner

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