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fukurokuju Stag koro Antique Japanese Bronze Koro Statue

Fukurokuju 福祿壽

Longevity Star God on One-Horned Stag

Circa Meiji, -early 1916
H 17 in. (43cm.), W 10 in. (25cm.), D 5 in. (12.5cm.)
Condition: minor fracture, broken horn, and minor imperfections
This rare bronze koro has an aged mellow patina on a smooth cast surface, depicting the Longevity Star God Fukurokuju, one of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune riding on a large stag of one broken horn. The Longevity God has a protruding forehead, his face lined with age. He is holding the peach of heaven, which blossoms every three thousand years and ripening in another three thousand years. This archaic piece has aged beautifully, showing a dark patina that flashes with rich greens malachite in the interior. The simplicity of the design has a hieratic dignity and firmness, combined with a virile composition. The koro is an exceptional cast of two lively figures in a naturalistic pose. The Star God of Longevity is commonly venerated in Japan as the patron saint of scholastic success and widely worshipped for his role in administering the span of life on earth.

Fukurokuju Censer
Private Collection

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