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Green Tara Rare Antique Tibetan Gilt Bronze Statue


Possibly Mayadevi

Origin: Tibet, circa: early 19th century
H 9 in.(23cm), W 8.8 in.(22.5cm), D 5.7 in.(14.5cm)
Condition: lost two jewels. o.a. very good

Jeweled Parvati Statue
Private Collection

A gracious depiction of feminine beauty and grace this rare antique sculpture from 19th century Tibet has been designated as either the goddess Parvarati of Mayadevi. Parvati symbolizes many noble virtues esteemed by Hindu tradition. Coupled with Shiva together they represent both the power of renunciation and asceticism and the blessings of marital felicity. Mayadevi is the mother of the historical Buddha.
Here in this beautifully wrought sculpture the Goddess is scintillating with lifelike beauty. Her supple curves, subtle tilt of the head and gracious gestures of the arms and legs bespeak an innate elegance of embodied femininity. Her ornamentation sculpts her body and is accented by jewels that delicately mirror her third eye with the heart of her womb. Jewels also accent her elegant armbands and earrings. The goddess" countenance bespeaks a sweet contentment. When woman is full so is the heart of the world. Missing two jewels, but in very good condition this is an exceptional piece that bespeaks of deep devotion to feminine essence. (SD)
Mayadevi Statue
Mayadevi back view
Parvati Statue

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