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Amitayus Buddha Antique Tibetan Gilded Bronze Statue


Buddha of Longevity

Origin: Tibet, Circa: 19th century and earlier
H 4.7 in.(4.7cm), W 3.5 in.(9cm), D 2.5 in.(6.5cm)
Condition: very good!
Arare small gilded bronze Amitayus Buddha holding the sacred nectar of eternal life, seated in full lotus on a visvapadmasana pedestal. The Buddha's youthful countenance is both sensual and serene, with prominent hair dressed in four sections like a stupa above his head. The staue is finely cast with deeply engraved jewels and foliate patterns. The gilded gold surface has a deep yellow patina, with a double vajra seal on the closed copper base plate.

Amitayus, is the most well known and popular of the five Dhyani Buddhas. He is red, the color of love and compassion, and the supreme power and energy of nature cast on an earthly plain. By meditating on him, the disease of delusion becomes the wisdom of discernment. He is seen holding a bowl of immortality nectar, and in conformity with his dhyana mudra, presents his essential message of meditation. His association with the setting sun invites us to withdraw our external senses and perceptions inward into higher states of meditative concentration.

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