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Vintage Nepalese Gilded Bronze Lion Face God of Wealth Mahakala Buddha 玛哈嘎拉大黑天神菩
Nepali Gilded Bronze Buddha


Lion Face Guardian w. Skull Cup

Origin: Nepal, Circa: 1950s'
H 9 in. (23cm), W 4.5 in. (11.5cm), D 3.5 in. (9cm)
Condition: excellent
A powerful Mahakala to dissolve obstacles into emptiness. He has three bulging eyes, a fearsome lion face, fierce and intensely focused with the chopper vajra in his right hand, and in his left hand a skull cup filled with the lifeblood of hindering spirits. In which mental agitation and illusions are chopped up and transformed to create the Buddha consciousness.

The Lord of Time wears a crown of five skulls, representing the transmutation of the five negative afflictions of human nature into positive virtues. He is adorned with skull necklaces, snake earrings, and bracelets armbands. A large snake necklace dropping down to his bulging belly, and a strand of human-heads reaching below his knees. The Dharmapala is wrapped with a tiger pelt kilt, wearing its two paws for testicle sacks. The richly gilded deity is flickering with jewels and flames of illuminating awareness. Gracefully standing above a resplendent lotus pedestal sealed with a double-vajra, the dynamic statue is in excellent condition.

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