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Gilt Bronze Buddha
Shakyamuni SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha, 19"H


Shiva on Nandi
Shiva on Nandi SOLD!
Buddha Statue 17"H

Private Collection Bronze Statues Archive

Ashinaga and Tenega
Ashinaga Tenega SOLD!
Buddha Statue 8"H

Padmapani in Tribhanga
Padmapani Buddha
Nepalese Gilt Bronze 35"H



Yamantaka on Bull
Yama on Bull SOLD!
Buddha Statue 4"H

Maitreya Buddha
Maitreya SOLD!
Bronze Buddha, 15.5"H

Amida Buddha
Gilded Amida SOLD!
Buddha Statue, 16"H

Samantabhadra SOLD!
Buddha Statue, 10.5"H

Four Armed Quan Yin
Prajnaparamita SOLD!
Chinese Buddha Statue, 16"H
Three-Headed Mahakala
Buddha Statue 9.5"H
Shakyamuni Buddha
Shakyamuni SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 15"H
Samantabhadra Yab Yum Buddha
Yab Yum
Gilt Bronze Buddha 5"H
Silver Ayutthaya Buddha
Ayutthaya Buddha SOLD!
Silver Gilded Bronze 12"H
Emma O King of Hell
Emma-O SOLD!
Japanese Buddha 8"H
Vajrapani Buddha
Vajrapani SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 12"H
Vajrasattva Buddha
Vajrasattva SOLD!
Bronze Buddha Statue 10"H
Manjusri Buddha
Manjusri SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 7"H
Three Eyed Kuanyin
Three Eyed Kuanyin SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Buddha 11"H
Kwan Yin Buddha
Kwanyin SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 15"H

Jambhala Buddha
Jambhala Buddha SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Buddha 9"H

Polychromed Bronze jambhala Buddha
Jambhala SOLD!
Bronze Buddha Statue 22"H
Samurai Okimono
Samurai Playing Flute SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 6"H
Walking Hotei Okimono
Walking Hotei SOLD!
Japanese Okimono 11"H

Six Armed Mahakala
Six armed Mahakala SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 14"H

Padmapani Buddha
Padmapani Buddha
Gilt Bronze Buddha 10"H
Padma Samantabhadra SOLD!
Buddha Statue 12"H
Akshobya Buddha
Akshobya SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Buddha 8"H
19th Century Gilt Green Tara
Green Tara SOLD!
Tibetan Buddha Statue 7"H
Crowned Shakyamuni
Crowned Shakyamuni SOLD!
Tibetan Statue 13"H
Tree of Life
Tree of Life SOLD!
Tibetan Buddha Statue 16"H
Indra Gilt Bronze Buddha
Indra SOLD!
Buddha Statue 7"H
Padmapani SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 12"H
Bhaishajyaguru SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Buddha 6"H
Padma Sambhava
Padma Sambhava SOLD!
Buddha Statue 14"H
Manjusri SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 8"H
Tibetan Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha SOLD!
Tibetan Statue 13"H
Gilded Amitayus
Amitayus SOLD!
Tibetan Gilt Bronze 7"H
Mahamanjushri Statue
Four Armed Manjushri SOLD!
Tibetan Gilt Bronze 7"H
Guhyasamaja Tantra Buddha
Guhyasamaja w. Consort SOLD!
Tibetan Buddha Statue 9"H
White Mahakala
White Mahakala SOLD!
Sino Tibetan Bronze 13"H
Drenpa Namkha
Drenpa Namkha SOLD!
Tibetan Statue 8"H

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The methods of Siddhartha practice were rigorous. He spurred himself on with the thought that "no ascetic in the past, none in the present, and none in the future, ever has practiced or ever will practice more earnestly than I do." Still the Prince could not realize his goal. After six years in the forest he gave up the practice of asceticism. He went bathing in the river and accepted a bowl of milk from the hand of Sujata, a maiden, who lived in the neighboring village. The five companions who had lived with the Prince during the six years of his ascetic practice were shocked that he should receive milk from the hand of a maiden; they thought him degraded and left him. Thus the Prince was left alone. He was weak, but at the risk of losing his life he attempted yet another period of meditation, saying to himself, "Blood may become exhausted, flesh may decay, bones may fall apart, but I will never leave this place until I find the way to enlightenment."

It was an intense and incomparable struggle. He was desperate and filled with confusing thoughts, dark shadows overhung his spirit, and he was beleaguered by all the lures of the evils. Carefully and patiently he examined them one by one and rejected them all. It was a hard struggle indeed, making his blood run thin, his flesh fall away, and his bones crack. But when the morning star finally appeared in the eastern sky, the struggle was over and the Prince's mind was as clear and bright as the breaking day. He had, at last, found the path to Enlightenment. It was December eighth, when Prince Siddhartha became a Buddha at thirty-five years of age.

From this time on, Prince Siddhartha was known by different names: some spoke of him as Buddha, the Perfectly Enlightened One, Tathagata; some spoke of him as Shakyamuni, the Sage of the Shakya clan; others called him the World-honored One.


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